Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Little girl hair Bows

I love this bow.  So cute and fun to make with all the differnt colors.  I think little girls need to have fun with their bows and this one really does it.

This one I had a dress that I wanted to make a bow for so I pick out the colors to match.  I actually made two so she could have one on each side of her head.

These are my Lady Bug bows.  I love them.  And so much fun to make.

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This is my basketball bow for my granddaughter that is not so girly but I am trying to help her to be.
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This is a Christmas bow.  Not one of my best but it will do.
These ae strawberry bows. I really do love these.  they were a little harder to make but still pretty easy.

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  1. Jada will love the basketball bow you made for her. It is so cute. It will be nice to see her wear one.